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  • Why does ESG matter?

    Why does ESG matter?

    Companies benefit from ESG for a variety of reasons. Customers demand to know the impact companies are having on the world. Employees prefer to work for organizations that share their ethical values, therefore they want businesses to improve in terms of governance, social, and environmental challenges. Investors now frequently examine ESG reports before making an…

  • Change Bad, Or Change Back

    Change Bad, Or Change Back

    I have a confession to make: I’m like many of you, probably most of you. I struggle to keep despair about stuff going on in the world away from the door, despite it rearing up nearly every day. Climate change, in particular, poses massive challenges – probably the greatest ever known to humanity. And it’s…

  • What is ESG?

    What is ESG?

    the first of our 11 part series on ESG. ESG: a way for businesses and other organizations to measure and manage their sustainability in environmental, social and governance domains. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance–the three pillars of an environmentally and socially responsible company. The objective of ESG is to identify all non-financial risks…