About Us

Our mission is to co-create a world where people, planet, and organizations thrive.

What We Do

Connect active, concerned individuals to leverage the benefits of collective intelligence and the network effect and build stronger organizations


Facilitate groups using science based frameworks that bring people together to share ideas, solve issues, and make plans on climate-related work.

Use informed copywriting, design and infographics to help clients communicate more effectively across a variety of audiences.


Educate individuals and organizations on concepts and practicalities of climate change, sustainability, and resiliency.

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The Circle of Responsibility is what guides us. Read about CoRe.

Who We Are

EarthWork Collective was created by a handful of alumni of The Carbon Almanac project.

Our co-founders met as volunteers who had the drive and skills to give their all, determined that together, we would make something of value for the greater good – with 100% confidence that something great would come of it.

In the process, we collaborated with hundreds of individuals across the globe, finding the resources we needed in each other and setting several world records along the way.

After accomplishing the goal of launching the book, we all wanted to share our knowledge and insights with the world. And we knew that by focusing our collective skills and dedication, we could make a difference.

We talked, we chatted, we zoomed, we diagrammed. We interviewed friends and colleagues, organizations finding more success with shifts to sustainable practices. We discovered a few critical things:

    • lots of motivation on the part of some people to innovate and advocate for change

    • plenty of solutions that have benefits to all people, organizations and the planet

    • A disappointing lack of communication within and between sustainability-focused organizations and their internal and external communities

We were gratified to hear that our newly hatched collective offered and delivered critically valuable, well-tuned skills for climate-conscious and socially aware communicators, innovative educators, and creative leaders

Today we are on a mission to share our combined skills and experience to facilitate communication, understanding, and connection for our clients – co-creating a world where people, planet, and organizations thrive.

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