CoRe: Circle of Responsibility

CoRe embraces all of those to whom you owe your business’ success, the people who keep you on your toes, and everyone who depends on your company to do the right thing.

The crux of your CoRe is the way you regard and treat everyone who impacts or is impacted by your business.

Why CoRe?

CoRe recognizes that your business does not exist in a vacuum. It celebrates all of the people who interact with your business because, together, they make it successful. It pays tribute to the fact that your business could not exist without its CoRe, and that its future success is inextricably bound to the relationships built within. 

How you interact with your CoRe speaks volumes about your company, and ultimately may determine your success. Consider two businesses: The first one is built on respect and empathy for everyone within its CoRe. The second exists solely to make money and please shareholders, at the expense (or ignorance) of some or all of the other members of its CoRe. Which business do you think will be more resilient, supported, and profitable in the ways that matter when tough times come?

Who is Your CoRe?

It is your employees, board members, management, leadership, investors/ shareholders, community members, government officials. It is also the people who have direct contact with your company, help make it run, and keep it going: your suppliers, contractors, customers/clients. And it includes those who may not be right next door, but who are affected by decisions you make, nonetheless – the larger community and, potentially, any other inhabitant on our planet.

The CoRe Perspective

Building and improving relationships—asking how you can help each other, instead of focusing on obligations and sacrifices
Emphasizing systems and connections instead of individual agendas

Considering how those who are indirectly affected by your decisions may be impacted

Understanding that decisions made affect a wide circle of people

Viewing every decision with an empathetic lens (who will this decision impact and how will it affect them)

Knowing the needs of your CoRe, and considering issues that are important to them

EarthWork’s Promise

When people work together teams grow stronger, employees are more satisfied and business is easier. EarthWork will help you unlock the potential of a purposeful business with comprehensive insights, actionable strategies and relatable communications.

Given our experience with environmental, social and governance conversations, and our skills as facilitators, educators and creatives, we have all of the points covered to nurture lasting change in your organization. Improve your business alignment by getting started today.

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