Etrit Shkreli

Etrit Shkreli - facilitator, educator, climate action, researcher

Human Connections and Entrepreneurship


Dr. Shkreli shares her knowledge and passion for deep human connections with her students at Sabanci University, helping to strengthen the thinking and analytical skills of the next wave of leaders. 

Prior to co-founding EarthWork Collective, she was a co-author of The Carbon Almanac, a comprehensive and definitive source for facts about climate change and humans’ impact on it. Etrit worked seamlessly with hundreds of volunteers from around the world to put together the book in record time for one of it’s size and scope.

Etrit is a founding member of BBOM Istanbul Coop – a non-profit with the goal of improving the education issues of our nation. After realizing the issue she and her fellow parents experienced was more widespread, they refocused it from a local effort to one that addresses issues nationwide. She holds a PhD in political science.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”



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