Katherine Palmer

Katherine Palmer - educator, climate, agriculture, small business

Educator, Facilitator, Researcher, Entrepreneur

British Columbia, Canada

Katherine has a rich history of building learning environments. Since 2002 she has been designing curriculums to share knowledge with a variety of end users and with a special focus on agriculture and environmental education. As an educator, Katherine makes complex subjects approachable for a broad audience and creates engaging content to make learning enjoyable rather than a rote task. 

As an entrepreneur, she has founded and run small businesses, one of which was a regenerative farm. The farm served as an apt microcosm of her regenerative practice as she restored the land that it rests upon and relationships that support it. Combining her business and people skills, she nurtured the connections between her suppliers and customers to create a holistic ecosystem of complementary partners.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”



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