Nell Boyle

Large-scale Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Planning

Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Nell is an experienced thought leader in sustainable practices in both the private and public sector. Her areas of expertise cover the two biggest carbon-emitting sectors the public have a direct effect on: buildings and transportation.

Nell worked at City of Roanoke, VA for twelve years as the Sustainability and Outreach Coordinator. In that role, she was responsible for developing and coordinating sustainability initiatives for the City of Roanoke. Nell has a broad background including executive roles in sustainability, energy policy, green buildings and clean transportation. Her experience includes strategic climate adaptation and mitigation planning, energy policy, renewable energy, greenhouse gas emissions collection & reporting, green building, community programs for energy efficient homes, and alternative transportation.

Under Nell’s leadership, Roanoke became the first city in Virginia to join the organization ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability in 2006. Driven by climate mitigation, adaptation, and resiliency strategies in the city’s Climate Action Plan, Nell led the annual collection of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions using ICLEI’s ClearPath and CDP’s data reporting tools. Roanoke was recognized for the outstanding energy efficiency results that the city achieved over the last ten years, earning the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge “Goal Achiever” status with a 25% reduction on 1 million sq ft, three years prior to the target date.


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