What are Companies Doing About ESG?

More companies than ever recognize the benefits of ESG. And there are as many ways to approach ESG as there are companies embracing it.

How companies are addressing ESG:

  • Creating an “in-house” team to manage ESG reports and implement strategies.
  • Hiring consultants to develop all or part of their ESG plan.
  • Learning about effective ESG planning through interviews, focus groups, and literature reviews.
  • Inviting employees to propose and contribute to company-led ESG programs.
  • Hiring communications agencies to clarify their ESG strategy to their customers, investors and employees.
  • Learning from business and thought leaders from around the world at conferences.
  • Investing in programs that improve workplace culture.
  • Using recognized frameworks (#ESGframeworks) to guide their goal setting and process evaluation.
  • Adopt ESG as a talent management tool to entice ESG savvy employees. 


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This article just scratches the surface of ESG.

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