Jen Ankenmann

Product Launch,
Marketing and Growth Strategies

Toronto, CANADA

Jen helps build connections and conversations between companies and their customers. She has been passionate about strategic marketing for over 20 years.

Her expertise in the marketing field has been built through serving in numerous roles in product development and management, consumer marketing, campaign planning, and client services. 

Jen has developed marketing and communication strategies that have launched new products, solidified brands, and grown successful businesses. With a strong analytical focus, she dives into data to uncover the worthwhile opportunities and determine how best to seize them.

She has worked and consulted with leaders in industries ranging from entertainment to telecom to technology, and companies from small to large. While creating and enhancing solutions aimed at product management, marketing, and customer relations challenges Jen has consistently focused on organizing information to assess and understand the brand’s story. Her goal is to build strategic and tactical plans that create satisfaction and value for all parties involved.


The work of climate change is big. To deliver the work, we need education, participation and partnership across governments, business and individuals.  

Earthwork Collective is uniquely poised to bring groups together and engage in change. With their broad skillset they encourage collaboration through effective, clear, concise communication that delivers the message most relevant to the audience.  

Through our work, EWC will inspire action and change.

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Jane Goodall


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