Jennifer Taylor

Analytical Marketing and Operations Specializing in Complexity

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Jennifer cuts through noise and gets to the essence of a problem. Her passion is helping organizations and individuals succeed. She is a strategic senior executive with over 15 years of experience building integrated, award-winning programs that connect customers to organizations and their products.

Her career has focused on roles such as public relations, marketing operations, advertising, and membership marketing. They all center around people, their perception and the value they get from a brand. In her current role as Director of Membership Acquisition and Retention, she uses her leadership skills to help everyone around her perform better.

Her acute perception helps give her teams advanced insight that allows them to see further down the road, often years ahead. Jennifer’s sound judgment is based on fact and is backed up by extensive research that she is equally capable of conducting. Jennifer is energized by finding and solving problems.

With her human-centric approach, Jennifer applies her skills through the lens of customers, employees, colleagues, and business leaders. She is persistent, realistic, optimistic – usually all at the same time – and never misses an opportunity to coach or mentor.

Applying strong project management skills to business objectives, Jennifer’s proficiency in leading cross-functional teams and building productive relationships are major assets she brings to her role on the EarthWork Collective Advisory Council.


EWC helps organizations actualize their ambitions toward a more sustainable, livable, healthy workplace and world.

“Each relationship you have with another person reflects the relationship you have with yourself.”

Alice Deville